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The time is right to build America's Premier Steam Locomotive. Thought by many to represent the ideal fusion of speed and beauty, the T1 class deserves a second chance. Through generous donations and the hard work of a dedicated volunteer workforce, 5550 is beginning to take shape.

In order to sustain the momentum already achieved, the T1 Trust is pleased to offer a number of exciting giving opportunities. From ball caps to drawing sponsorship, a host of different options are available in the menu above.

The Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) T1 Steam Locomotive Trust is a non-profit organization that believes in thinking differently about preservation. Through hard work, dedicated volunteers and the financial support of many generous donors from around the globe, the T1 Trust is constructing PRR T1 5550. Slated to become the fifty-third locomotive of its class when complete, 5550 combines stunning art deco design with a unique 4-4-4-4 wheel arrangement. The goal is simple; to provide mainline steam excursion service, and to set the World Speed Record for a steam locomotive.

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Monthly Recurring Donation

Monthly Recurring Donation

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Boiler Construction Fund $500

5550 Boiler Construction Fund $500 Donation

The Pennsylvania Railroad T1 Steam Locomotive Trust is excited to announce the purchase order for the first and second boiler courses of new build 4-4-4-4 #5550.


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5550 Metal Sign

5550 Metal Sign Silver

The T1 Trust has partnered with EM Metal Works in Towanda, Pennsylvania to offer a limited quantity of these stunning 5550 Metal Art Signs. Available in brushed stainless, or painted resplendent red, these signs are sure to make a statement in the dens and shops of T1 Trust supporters everywhere.

The T1 Trust is grateful for the help and support of EM Metal Works. They specialize in welcome signs, wall hangings, clocks, silhouette shadows, and gun targets. A video showing how EM Metal Works cut the signs can be seen below. We encourage our supporters to visit the EM Metal Works website by clicking here.

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